Kottonmouth Kings - The First Krop [CD]
Kottonmouth Kings - The First Krop [CD]
Kottonmouth Kings - The First Krop [CD]

Kottonmouth Kings - The First Krop [CD]

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 Before the Stoners Reeking Havoc EP and before Royal Highness and just at the time Cottonmouth went to Kottonnmouth Kings, the fellas were playing shows around Southern California. Zinger introduced them to Al Guerra during a San Diego SRH show. Al did one of the best radio shows to come out of SD. It was called "Subject To Change” and was on the cutting edge of breaking new bands and invited KMK to do a session to play on his show. This was a time where hip-hop wasn’t accepted on rock radio and KMK hadn’t released a single yet, but Al was always one to take risks and saw the passion that Zinger had for the band and appreciated the raw energy they invoked on stage. 
Al’s show was highly respected and included names like blink-182, Unwritten Law, Slightly Stoopid and followed his instincts  and gave the boys a shot and what turned out was an incredible sounding six songs catching KMK in its earliest stages. So early that fan favorite “Bong Tokin Alcoholics” was still called “Underage Alcoholics”.

Other tracks out of the 6 songs are the original lyrics and versions that were later re-recorded and released on Royal Highness and Hidden Stash, but the recordings ended up missing for two decades until Al came across a burned CD in a stack. He called Zinger and they found the quality, energy, and overall recordings of these early versions were top notch and even better than they remembered. 

With the 25 year anniversary of Sub Noize upon us, dropping such a special collection of these early recordings just felt like the right time as we all look back and celebrate the legacy of Sub Noize. Appropriately entitled The First Krop and featuring the first versions of “Suburban Life”, “So High”, “Play On”, “Love Song”, “Planet Budtron”, and the only quality recording of “Underage Alcoholics”.

The CD comes in DigiPak that includes art from the tattoo artist Droopy who not only penned many Kottonmouth Kings designs including the original merch line and the Rollin Stoned cover to name a few. But he also penned the first two SRH shirts ever created including the Stoners Reeking Havoc character, which was used years later by KMK for the DVD Stoners Reeking Havoc. The Designs were compiled together to make the cover art as it represents that time period and vibe of KMK. Also in the packaging is a collection of never seen before pictures curated together from Pakelika, Taxman, the SRH archive, and what we think is the coolest part, the fan/street teams photo submissions from the early days of KMK. The Sub Noize street team in its early days was a small group of dedicated folks that helped spread the word of KMK and Sub Noize acts. Longtime friend and Sub Noize Employee Beth “Taxgirl’ Chapin kept all the pictures that the street team would send in and they have all sat in plastic box from over two decades and never been used or seen until now. This collection of songs and its packaging is very special to us. Not only has it never been heard or seen before but it's from a time period before the band had any success and was in its earliest of stages. We are very excited for the Sub Noize family to be able to hear and enjoy it and can't thank Al and everyone who contributed to it enough for helping make it all happen. 

In the package we have included a wall banner of the cover and collab sweatshirt between KMK and Sub Noize. Along with that we found the original R Rated versions of “Play On” and “Pimp Twist” videos that will come as a digital download with purchase. 

Enjoy this piece of missing Kottonmouth Kings history that is now available for the first time ever!!!! RIP SAINT, RIP PAKELIKA…….

Track list:
1. Suburban Life
2. Play On
3. Underage Alcoholics
4. So High
5. Love Song
6. Planet Budtron