Mickey Avalon - Loaded [CD]
Mickey Avalon - Loaded [CD]

Mickey Avalon - Loaded [CD]

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The return of Mickey Avalon! Known to the world as one of the hottest underground American rappers and has become a fan-favorite in part because of his back-story. Avalon's family history starts with paternal grandparents, Holocaust survivors, who endured lasting injuries from their imprisonment at Auschwitz. Avalon grew up in Hollywood, CA with his heroin addicted father and at a young age began selling pot, a trade he acquired from his mother. Eventually he befriended MTV VJ Simon Rex who encouraged Avalon to pursue his passion of hip hop. At the time, Avalon was living in a sober living facility and had a strict curfew, so Dirt Nasty began passing out Mickey's demo tapes at Hollywood clubs, which helped Mickey develop a following among fans of the Los Angeles nightclub scene. Soon after, Interscope Records took notice of the guerilla promotion tactics and signed Avalon to the label in 2005. Through Interscope, Avalon released his now classic self-titled debut album, which showcased his unique rhyming style and focused on experience on the streets with drugs and prostitution.

Track list:
1. Rock Bottom
2. Girlfriend
3. On The...
4. Dance (Feat. Cisco Adler)
5. More Junk
6. Drugs
7. CA Crack Cocaine (Feat. Cisco Adler)
8. Mr. Brownstone
9. Electric Gigolo
10. Funeral (Feat. Andre Legacy)
11. Making Love
12. Take Me Home
13. Baby Doll
14. Party In My Pants
15. Tight Blue Jeans
16. I'm Hot
17. Girlfriend (Feat. Scott Russo of Unwritten Law)